Deep Discharge Well Service

Deep Discharge Well Redevelopment

Deep discharge Well Service for stormwater and water table control systems serving high rise buildings, hotels, parking garages, and commercial buildings. Storm water parking garage and roof drain systems discharge into deep injection wells. These deep injection discharge wells do become obstructed with sludge and particulate contamination after many years of service. Storm-water lift stations typically discharge into retention tanks and then into a deep storm water drainage well.

Stormwater Drainage Well Cleaning and Redevelopment

Cleaning (redevelopment) out the sludge from a deep discharge well involves an airlift process. During this stormwater well redevelopment it is required and imperative to protect the environment from contamination. This process involves construction of a temporary steel casing pipe to insert into the existing deep discharge well with a crane. This Pipe has a fabricated cutter head for breaking up the underground hardened sludge and rock. This riser pipe is assembled welded in sections as lowered by a crane. The bottom portion of the cutter end of this pipe is fitted with an air nozzle. The waste riser pipe discharges into a dumpster as very high but controlled air pressure is applied. the steel pipe is also impacted into the underground rock to break up sludge, thus redeveloping the geology at bottom of this deep discharge well.

Deep Well Drain Service
Drainage well Services

Deep injection Well development of drilled wells is a part of normal well drilling procedure after the completion of the well and before the final disinfection. It is necessary to optimize the discharge capacity of the deep injection drain well. the storm drainage discharge well and to optimize the filter capacity of the well bas bedrock. Well rehabilitation of dug or drilled wells becomes necessary if operating deep wells fail to provide adequate drainage percolation or quantity as the well becomes contaminated or clogged through natural processes or due to emergencies (e.g. floods, seawater intrusion, etc.). This redevelopment process involves the cleaning of the well and sometimes the application of well development procedures. Advantages. Increased drain gpm performance of the discharge well Simple Deep Well Drain Service measures can be highly effective). Basic procedures for both well redevelopment and rehabilitation are rather easy to apply and very economical. Even for heavily damaged wells, rehabilitation is often much less costly than the construction of new discharge wells. Disadvantages Skilled workers and high-tech equipment may be required depending on the type and condition of the well. Risk of damaging well installations if not conducted professionally (e.g. acids and c can cause mechanical damages). No one-fits-all solution: custom-made logistics and solution processes are required for every single particular situation.

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Environmental Protection During Discharge well cleaning and redevelopment.

Environmental protection procedures preventing surface contamination must be planned and implemented prior to commencement of any Deep Discharge Well cleaning and Redevelopment.

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