Expert Witness Plumber

Forensic Plumbing Expert Witness Plumber

Stephen L Davis is an experienced expert witness plumber. Forensic testing of plumbing systems along with the experience to testify on plumbing cases before a court of law or mediation hearings, qualifies us to represent the condition of plumbing systems. Stephen L Davis holds an unlimited scope State of Florida Certified Plumbing Contractor License. Plumbing and legal dispute cases involving insurance claims are common. Stephen L Davis will conduct an onsite forensic plumbing system study at the property subject to plumbing litigation. A plumbing investigation typically involves onsite inspection, evaluation and testing. A plumbing report will then be composed and provided upon completion of the onsite investigative plumbing study.

Plumbing Experience and Testimony

Education, Plumbing Design and Technical Work Experience

Stephen L Davis began his plumbing career as an apprentice on hospital plumbing projects. From the age of 17 years old while attending computer programming and accounting classes at Miami Dade College, Stephen worked up the corporate ladder to plumbing project manager. Participating in plumbing design creation and executing hospital and commercial plumbing projects. Hospital projects involved medical gas piping controls, cast iron sanitary drains, domestic water pipes, pumps and controls. Stephen Davis obtained his Florida Certification as a plumbing contractor at the age of twenty nine. Following licensure, Stephen L. Davis has executed thousands of commercial and residential plumbing design solutions. Stephen Davis has successfully constructed hundreds of plumbing systems in residential homes, commercial buildings, and facility building properties. Stephen Davis has designed, installed and constructed Gas, water and sanitary drain piping. Industrial chemical pipe plumbing system projects have been completed by Stephen Davis. Stephen Davis has also obtained an LP gas technical certification from the State of Florida.

Expert Witness Plumber Investigates With Experience

Since approximately mid 2008 Stephen Davis has endeavored to answer many questions as to why plumbing system problems have presented. Why did the cast iron pipe pipe fail? What cascade of events or conditions contributed or caused a plumbing system deficiency or failure? What are the Long term plumbing solutions to prevent these myriad of plumbing system problems. Pipe failures can be caused by design deficiencies, installation mistakes and or environmental-geological caused material failures. Stephen now accepts more challenging plumbing investigative work most contractors would shy away and decline.

Expert Witness Plumber Fulfills Testimony Requests

As the Stephen Davis took on the intellectually more challenging aspects of the plumbing field, people began requesting that Stephen provide documentation and evidence. The Expert plumbing Witness Testimony Requests were becoming more prevalent. Property insurance attorneys and public adjusters began contacting and requesting that stephen provide forensic plumbing inspections and investigative services and then evidencing with expert witness testimony regarding plumbing system problems that have evolved into legal disputes with insurance companies. Homeowners have requested Stephen to attend mediation to provide plumbing testimony about plumbing reports and evidence. Stephen Louis Davis possesses the intelligence, experience and public communication skills to accurately represent cascading events of cause and effect that determine the functionality of plumbing systems. Do you require a plumbing systems expert to Provide testimony, hearings, depositions and reports? Stephen Louis Davis will investigate, identify, and then plumbing solution development is completed. These plumbing investigation solutions sometimes glean costly solutions. In conclusion if your an attorney, homeowner or property owner involved in plumbing cost dispute litigation, Stephen Davis is your expert Witness plumber. Stephen will provide fulfill plumbing Testimony Requests. Stephen will present irrefutable objective evidence to clarify, and strengthen your legal position in a court of law or a mediation hearing.

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