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Miami Plumbing and Leak Detection designs and plans Miami generator installations and repairs. We will service repair and or install residential and commercial, stand by emergency power generators. Natural gas piping, Liquid petroleum (L.P.) and Propane tank installations are also installed by us. Miami Plumbing and Leak Detection employs the most experienced qualified electricians to install and wire automatic or manual transfer switch. Emergency backup power generators for hurricanes are serviced and installed in businesses and homes in these areas: Village of Pinecrest, Village of Palmetto Bay, Miami Beach, South Miami, Coconut Grove, Brickell, Downtown Miami, Miami Beach, North Miami, Kendall, Coral Gables, Cutler Bay, Doral, Miami Shores, Miami Lakes, North Bay Village, Miami Springs, Homestead, Naranja, and Leisure City.

Commercial Back up Stand by Generators

Miami Plumbing and Leak Detection will match your commercial or residential standby power needs and expectations, then custom design a power generator system that fits your budget. Several different residential and commercial packages can be optioned to meet or exceed your emergency power generator requirements. Turnkey generator installations have been the trademark of Miami Plumbing and Leak Detection in Miami for over 40 years. So no matter the size or type of generator you require small or big, Miami Plumbing and Leak Detection has a proven track record of experience working, designing and servicing all types of gas distribution systems. Liquid petroleum – propane and natural gas generator fuel supply systems, tanks, piping. Miami Plumbing and Leak Detection install service and repair residential generators.

Storm Hardened Installations

Florida Building Code does not require impact hardened installations. Debris including falling trees can and will render most standard installations damaged beyond repair or inoperable. What good is a generator if a tree has smashed it ? Our storm resistant package installations designs are built hurricane hardened to with stand and continue functioning under extreme hurricane force conditions. Our custom engineered design emergency generator power packages forsee having a generator fuctioning and operational after a category 3.5 hurricane strike. Our optional fuel packages will provide your family a power source for weeks after a hurricane with out the stress and headaches of searching for fuel deliveries after a catastrophic hurricane strike. Assume this: THERE WILL BE NO FUEL DELIVERIES FOR AT A MINIMUM OF 30 DAYS AFTER A HURRICANE.

Safety for your family and respect for life

Back up Power Generators are extremely dangerous and may be deadly when improperly installed. The dangers from an improper generator installation can exceed the danger of a hurricane. Install your generator improperly and you may end up with a fire or explosion during a hurricane. Natural Gas and Liquid Petroleum gas distribution and carbon monoxide venting and fuel systems are critical life safety areas of construction and must be respected. Qualified Gas certified licensed plumbing or mechanical contractors are legally permitted to service and or install these systems. Improper installation, design, inferior materials, workmanship or methods of installation can result in injury or death. Miami Plumbing and Leak Detection employs generator experienced licensed certified electricians, gas certified licensed plumbing, electrical and mechanical contractors for all generator work.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon Monoxide detectors may not be required by Building Code, But Miami Plumbing and Leak Detection includes carbon monoxide detectors standard with all of our installation packages. Options for carbon monoxide shut down control circuits are also offered as an additional layer of life safety. Carbon monoxide is a DEADLY by product of all gas fired appliances and equipment.

Liquid Petroleum Tank Installations

Miami Plumbing and Leak Detection will Furnish & Install above ground and underground LP Liquid Petroleum propane storage tanks to fuel your emergency standby power generator. Miami Plumbing and Leak Detection is certified for LP gas piping and LP Liquid petroleum storage tanks. Miami Plumbing and Leak Detection employs our own design that has been approved by various agencies. Our imbedded stainless steel foundation fastening system for underground LP tank installations has won over the praise of inspectors from many building departments in our community.

Miami Plumbing and Leak Detection is qualified and or authorized for many major generator manufacturers and Brands. The following Generator Brands are serviced and installed in Miami by Dick Rosher Plumbing:

John Deere

Miami Plumbing and Leak Detection since 1977 always provides fast response, accurate diagnostics and fair pricing for all your Miami plumbing services.

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