Commercial Leak Detection

Miami commercial Leak Detection services includes investigating, locating and measuring water leaks at restaurants, condominiums hotels and office buildings. These water leak investigative services are very specialized and often involves extremely high water bills. We provide you with a commercial building leak detector report for Miami Dade water bill credits and insurance company needs.

Specialized infrared scanning and sound wave analysis are undertaken. Miami water leak detection investigations in commercial properties are conducted with attention and investigative processes that minimize disruptions to ongoing business operations. For over 40 years Miami Plumbing and Leak Detection has developed investigative processes including Water leak isolation processes and deductive design build solutions.

Cracked cast iron pipe discovered by commercial leak detection methods.
Cracked pipe discovered by commercial leak detection methods.

Commercial Leak Detection Experience

Miami Commercial Leak Detection Services features forty plus years of water leak detector experience have saved billions and possibly a trillion gallons of water. Our leak detection processes have successfully recovered millions of dollars in water leak costs for prisons, schools, gas stations, private and government facilities.

Underground leaking water pipes are usually installed in a common trench with other pipes. This common trench fills with corrosive water causing dielectric corrosions of the other underground pipes in this common trench.

Commonly an ordinary installation of hot and cold water pipes are in a common trench. A leaking underground hot or cold water pipe in the common trench submerged in this water that is leaking will cause temperature transfers. These temperature transfers damage water heaters and temperature balanced controlled faucets.

In Miami this technique of commercial leak detection if defined as locating a concealed water leak discharge point. The deployment our Sound equipment thermal camera to locate these underground temperature conductive transfers and inversions. Our leak detection philosophy is based upon the uncompromising laws of physics and science.

When the physical science laws of water, sound and temperature questions are answered we then align those with our experiences and instincts conducting commercial building water leak investigative services for restaurants, hotels, office apartment buildings condominiums, airports, jails, schools, homes and gas stations. Don’ forget that water bill. We assist our clients in processing water bill concealed leak credits for approximately ($700,000) seven hundred thousand dollars annually. For More information on other water leak services see our water leak detection information page.

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