Pinecrest City Water Connection

Water connections in Pinecrest, Florida are mandatory for some Pinecrest residents that are presently on potable well water systems. The physical onsite plumbing work connecting the water meter your home is a very simple process. The connection work required is a very straight forward plumbing project. New water service connections require permits that must be processed with The Village of Pinecrest water connection inspector. Since The Miami Dade Water Department is now mandating that certified plumbers connect a municipal water meter the the house water supply. Miami Plumbing Company is committed to providing Pinecrest homeowners the best possible pricing without compromising quality. initially This project involves some time to properly administrate applications, plans and permits for the Pinecrest plumbing department and Miami Dade Water and Sewer Department. Please review the below information describingh each required process for successful execution of your Pinecrest water connection..

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Disconnect existing private well water package, and install approximately up to 100 feet of one inch PVC underground water service pipe connecting to city water water meter. 

  1. Prepare plans and permit documents. This is for Village of Pinecrest Building Department.
  2.  A survey or site plan is needed to compose a required plumbing plan. Providing that the homeowner does not have a survey or site plan, then a survey can be processed by this firm, however these costs are not included herein. Final bill will reflect survey costs.  See below*
  3. If required Coordinate with Miami Dade County for meter box and or water meter. 
  4. Excavate trench from existing or new water meter box to the domestic well water package at water service entrance(s).
  5. Furnish and install main SOV (shut off valve) twelve to 20 inches inside property line or water meter outlet side.
  6. Furnish and install new one inch PVC water service pipe. 
  7. Pressure test each water service pipe as per requirements.
  8. Chlorinate sanitize new water service pipe as required.
  9. Pipe protection: Furnish sand or pee rock for trench backfill, pipe bedding and compaction.
  10. Vacuum breaker and or new hose bib will be installed as per code.
  11.  Sod and or landscape restorative costs replacement not included herein.
  12. WASA Permit and impact fees to be determined by municipality.Included 
  13. Disconnect, but not remove pump; isolate well package from potable water piping.
  14. Warranty 10 years.



Miami Dade Water & Sewer (WASD) upon the customer’s request will install a one inch or two inch water service meter line. The Pinecrest, Florida customer is also responsible to hire a licensed plumber to install the private plumbing, this will include the plumbing from the building structure to meter box. The following steps will be required to request the water meter service box to be installed. 

Step 1: Survey The owner shall bring to the Department a signed and sealed boundary survey not older than 2 years. A copy of the survey is made by the representative, at the time of the application, marked and initialed by the Owner, where the service is to be installed. The purpose of the survey is to indicate the location of structures, landscaping, and other items on the property to ensure that service line is proposed in an adequate location and will be utilized in the permitting process with the municipal right-of-way agency (Village of Pinecrest). 

Step 2: Water meter application

The Water & Sewer representative will complete the application, and the invoice for fees due. Then the application is signed by the applicant. 

Step 3: Installation & Additional Notifications

If additional information or payment is required from the permitting municipality, the Department will send an e-mail notification as noted on the application with instructions of all requirements. Once the permit is approved an e-mail will be sent to the applicant. The owner must have the property lines marked, property graded, meter location staked within 3 days to prevent delays or additional fees. Permit fees can be changed at any time. An easement may be required upon review. 

Installation of Service Fees 1” Service Install $1,200.00 2” Service Install $2,500.00  

Permit Fees City of Pinecrest Fees determined at time of review. 

Water Connection Charges for a Single-Family Residence Less Than 3001 sq. ft. $291.90 

3001 sq. ft. – 5000 sq. ft. $430.90 

5001 sq. ft. or greater $708.90 

Deposit for a Single-Family Residence (water only) * $50.00 

Water meter fees associated with the size of meter Installation fee for 5/8-inch water meter $145.00 

Quarterly meter fee for 5/8-inch water meter $9.60 

Installation fee for 1-inch water meter $195.00 Quarterly water meter fee for 1-inch water meter $37.14 

Water Allocation Letter Initial Fee $90.00 

Re-certification Fee $30.00 *Once the account is established with WASD, your first bill will reflect the meter installation fee and a $50.00 deposit, which is refundable after two (2) years of a good payment history. Notice: Properties with multiple units A restriction is added to the accounts for parcels with multiple services. This requires the department to verify the private plumbing is connected to the correct water meter box. The property owner will be responsible for all billing inclusive of consumption until the verification has been completed. For further assistance please contact Miami Dade Water and Sewer Customer Service Division at 305-665-7471. For buildings with mixed use (Commercial & Residential) each use must be serviced by separate meters.

Pinecrest Water Meter Connection

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