Roof Drain Service

Roof Drain systems protect the building integrity by efficiently draining moving stormwater from roof decks. Roof drains discharge at ground level or even underground into a deep injection discharge well. When Roof drain systems become obstructed, water can fill up on roof top. The additional loads on a roof deck filled with water can cause roofing system damages and failures. Cleaning and servicing commercial roof drain systems is a fundamental requirement of commercial plumbing maintenance. Miami Plumbing Company provides stormwater roof drain design solutions. Miami Plumbing Company has installed and serviced many thousands of roof drains.

Flat roof drains made of Ecoguss or polymer. In addition to a practical leaf trap to prevent blockages, flat roof drains are also available as an option in heated versions to secure the functional capability. Flat Roof Insulation, Flat Roof Repair, Flat Roof Construction, Construction Process, Flat Roof Design, Roof Drain, Flat Roof House, Tiny House, Fibreglass Roof
Roof Drain Service

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Ponding may be caused by:

1. Poor design with no slope.
2. Sagging of the structure, disrupting the slope.
3. No drains or an inadequate number of drains.
4. Drains that are blocked or are at high points on the roof.

Water filling on flat roofs has a number of implications including reduced durability of the roof, structural damage, leakage and possible vegetation growth.

Water on the roof is your first clue that, your roof drain service is overdue. Maybe there is a ponding problem. Dirt, algae and vegetation are other indications. Look at the roof slope and evaluate the drainage opportunities for water to escape. Have emergency secondary drains, where an interior drainage system is used. This is often in the form of scuppers through parapet walls. The scupper drains are 2 inches above the low point of the roof so that they do not act as primary drains. They will allow roughly 2 inches of water to accumulate on the roof before discharging. Watch for and be critical of vegetation growing on the roof.

Drainage from roofs can include:

1. Gutters and downspouts.
2. Internal drains.
3. Scuppers.

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